Women of Hotwells & Cliftonwood

This project was a chance collaboration with Bristol- based artist and illustrator, Amy Hutchings, where I was able to put my hand lettering to practice for this mural situated in Cumberland Piazza.

We completed the mural in the summer of 2018 and its inauguration coincided with the centenary celebration of the Representation of the People Act, which first gave some women the right to vote. 

The inspiration for the illustrations were taken from Jane Duffus’ book The Women who Built Bristol. We hope that the mural will inform, and inspire others to find out more about the local history and the women who once called Hotwells and Cliftonwood their home.


Our mural forms one of many efforts to transform public space through art.

Art Under the Flyover  was first set up by Anna in 2011, as a way to see how the neglected former recreation area of Cumberland Piazza could be redesigned regenerated as a public space.